Friday, November 12, 2010

Carrabelle Boat Club Gives the Franklin County Press Tour its First Taste of Carrabelle, FL

Last Wednesday, November 11, was a lovely evening for RVC's Carrabelle Boat Club, as they hosted the Welcome Reception for the Franklin County Press Tour. This is a tour of 20-30 travel writers from all over the country that are visiting Franklin County, FL in preparations of future articles on the area. Carrabelle Boat Club welcomed an estimated 75 attendees which included local political leaders, business leaders, Club members, and journalists. Captain Chester Reese, of Natural World Charters - 'sportfishing and environmental excursions providing adventure and education on the Gulf of Mexico' - gave a brief, yet colorful description of the local area. Captain Reese will be partnering with the Carrabelle Boat Club and will be giving ecotourism and fishing charter tours starting December 1st. Also, special thanks to The Pit Stop for providing an amazing and delicious display of local delights. Check the Carrabelle Boat Club Facebook page for pictures coming soon, and thank you to everyone that attended!

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