Friday, October 1, 2010


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – RVC Outdoor Destinations is planning and preparing for better times despite the economic downturn. While a few other companies may talk about buying properties, or their plans to do so, RVC is actually building, developing and expanding multiple outdoor destinations with a focus on RV, cabins, cottages and yurts.

“We’ve seen that most RV and cabin oriented properties have been unable or unwilling to keep up with customer demands, current technology or even basic maintenance. We are confident that by creating a new hospitality experience, our properties will continue to be successful and our company will expand. In fact, in addition to completing two properties over the next few months, we are actively acquiring land sites and existing RV oriented properties while also working to expand current locations,” said Andy Cates, President of RVC Outdoor Destinations. “We are creating a new product type within the hospitality industry, defining our role as the best owner and operator of outdoor destinations in the United States,” Cates added.

By February RVC will have six of its properties open and operating. Five properties will have been newly built or totally redeveloped and the sixth, Carrabelle Boat Club, is a state-of-the art boating facility within one mile of RVC’s Carrabelle Beach Outdoor Destination. RVC currently has two destination locations open for business in Carrabelle Beach, FL and Pine Mountain, GA. Properties in Freeport, FL (Live Oak Landing) and Hot Springs, AR (Catherine’s Landing) will open in November and February respectively.

The common thread running through RVC’s outdoor destinations is the linking of beautiful, well planned environments with exceptional service and amenities. These unique properties, almost all of which are on water, provide an alternative to hotels, isolated cabins, and worn out campgrounds. By combining design that is sensitive to preserving the natural beauty of their environments with high quality accommodations, amenities and service, RVC is providing memorable vacation experiences and clearly defining the meaning of the phrase outdoor destination.

About RVC Outdoor Destinations: RVC Outdoor Destinations owns and operates a unique recreation brand that combines your ideal natural environment with your favorite hotel experience. RVC Outdoor Destinations has locations in Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. For more information, visit

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