Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pine Mountain's Latest Weekend Review

Check out what the Richardson Tribe with PBandJ Adventures thought about our Pine Mountain Outdoor Destination when they visited for their Labor Day vacation! Coming from a large family who loves to travel, we are proud our location was memorable enough to share.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the reviews:

"Some friends with kids joined us, so we had quite a large tribe while bike-riding and crashing the awesome saline pool. This is a very nice RV park just based on the entertainment-for-kids factor. Add a side trip or two to the Wild Animal Safari Park, the Little White House, FDR State Park, or Callaway Gardens, and the kids will be in paradise"

"When the sun had completely set, and the big sky revealed a part of the Milky Way clearly, we were pleased, very pleased.. "

"You could easily spend a week or two here and never be bored. There is Callaway Gardens, FDR State Park, Wild Animal Safari, FDR Little White House, and more."

To read the full review, and view some pictures from their adventure, visit

We are so happy to hear that they enjoyed their experience!

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