Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RVC Outdoor Destinations Officially OnStar and NaviPro Compatible!

RVC Outdoor Destinations has signed up all five of their properties to become searchable with OnStar and NaviPro, two popular GPS/POI mapping systems.

By doing this, guests are not only aided in directions, but potential unexpected customers can now be informed of RVC’s destinations, as a couple of guests to Live Oak Landing in Freeport, FL experienced.

Neil Sorrell, General Manager of Live Oak Landing, tells the story:

“We had a couple from Atlanta visit a few days ago. They had to make a quick trip to Freeport due to an unexpected occurrence. They weren’t sure where to stay, so they typed  “overnight accommodations in Freeport” into OnStar and it gave them turn by turn directions over the radio. I’m especially excited that Live Oak Landing is part of OnStar and Navipro, since it's the only lodging option in this entire city.”

Another added bonus of being listed in these programs is that it does not limit RVC to one type of accommodation category. Since all of RVC’s properties feature both cottages and RV sites (and some have yurts), it is extremely important that the resorts are not misunderstood to be solely RV parks.

With OnStar or NaviPro, searching for area/city specific resorts, accommodations, travel, hotels, and /or lodging will suggest an RVC Outdoor Destination.

Happy travels!

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