Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 RV Tips and Tricks

  • Put moth balls near the propane lines of the water heater and refrigerator. This will deter spiders.
  • To protect your RV’s plumbing, use a water pressure regulator when connected to any water source.
  • Use an auto battery charger to charge your batteries.
  • Have quarters available for unexpected events such as meter parking, coin-operated showers, laundry, tolls etc.
  • To avoid blow-outs, tire damage and to optimize gas mileage, maintain proper tire pressure. Should be checked often.
  • Use a plug-in voltage meter to monitor amps. Despite your rig’s abilities, you can only use up to the amps available from the source.
  • Always drain the black-water holding tank first. Then drain the gray-water. This helps to clean out your hose.
  • Use your generator to operate the roof air conditioner instead of the dash A/C. It cools your rig down quicker. Your vehicle’s engine will not get so hot and it will run more efficiently.
  • Use an outside sediment water filter on any water source. 
  • Use Velcro tape for hanging and fastening things in your RV.
  • Save power by using fluorescent lights.
  • To conserve power, run the water heater only when necessary.
  • RV furnaces use a lot of power. To conserve your power supply, lower the heater temperature, wear warmer clothing and use an extra blanket.
  • Park your RV in shady locations and use your awning to keep it cooler inside.
  • Put screen wire in your rubber bumper plugs to prevent bees from nesting.
  • Fabric softener sheets placed in drawers, closets, and other strategic locations in an RV prevents musty odors and that “closed up” smell
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  1. Thanks for the tips! What exactly do you mean by camping essentials though? Like what does that include? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!